Our Company Milestones


Conxeo was founded in 2000. Since our inception, we have been single-mindedly focused on helping businesses connect with their communities through web-based technologies. We are a privately held company with a keen drive to supply our clients with solutions that are easy to implement, highly configurable, intuitive and scalable.

Today, we offer our customers two different services to help them connect and manage their businesses more effectively:

Conxport helps businesses connect with their communities. Our service platform is built to provide your business with all of the tools it needs to safely collect, manage and respond to almost any kind of request -- whether from customers, vendors or employees. Conxport allows you to quickly and easily publish high-impact websites with dynamic forms that communicate and capture the information you need to protect your brand, satisfy your customers and improve your community.

PropertyPort is a web-based solution that helps properties such as sports teams, arts and entertainment, fairs and festivals manage their sponsorship assets and their sponsorship relationships. This software tracks assets such as signage, ticket backs and media placements, allowing sponsorship sales teams to create proposals and recap documents. The system captures information about your sales cycle, providing oversight reporting to sponsorship sales executives and management.

Our decade-plus of helping corporations communicate with their constituents has provided us experience in business solutions for all size organizations. We learn from our clients daily, and look forward to every new lesson.

Our Heritage

We believe that every request received by an organization must be responded to - whether that request is for money or information or time or something that you never expected. This is a principle that drives us and is part of our corporate DNA. One of our founders had the same belief as his ancestor, John D. Rockefeller:

"Studying these problems has been a source of the greatest interest to me. My assistants, quite distinct from any board, have an organization of sufficient size to investigate the many requests that come to us. This is done from the office of our committee in New York. For an individual to attempt to keep any close watch of single cases would be impossible, I am called upon to explain this fact many times. To read the hundreds of letters daily received at our office would be beyond the power of any one man, and surely, if the many good people who write would only reflect a little, they must realize that it is impossible for me personally to consider their application.

The reading, assorting, and investigating of the hundreds of letters of appeal which are received daily at my office are attended to by a department organized for this purpose. The task is not so difficult as at first it might seem. The letters are, to be sure, of great variety, from all sorts of people in every condition of life, and indeed, from all parts of the world. Four-fifths of these letters are, however, requests for money for personal use, with no other title to consideration than that the writer would be gratified to have it."

Mark Rockefeller, great-grandson of John D. Rockefeller, saw this issue of overflowing correspondence and found it even more pressing in the 21st century. As the world gets smaller and more complex, how could an organization deal with a deluge of requests at all times?

We continue to seek more ways for our clients to easily and effectively interact with their customers. It's an issue we haven't fully conquered, but Conxeo continues to tackle it each day - and each day, we get a little closer.